Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Campus Help Desk Positions Give Students Valuable Experience

IT students using LabSim, do you work in a part- or full-time help desk position while going to school? Perhaps your help desk role is even on campus, giving technical support to faculty and other students.

On some college campuses, technical support roles are being outsourced, but many campuses still keep the support positions in-house, giving students the opportunity to work part-time on campus and gain valuable IT experience while in school. According to Campus Technology’s Leila Meyer, the Division of IT at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC, has created an all-new operations center that offers around-the-clock IT support to faculty, staff, and students. It was student demand for IT support that led to the center’s creation.

Meyer quoted the GWU’s CIO David Steinour about the choice not to outsource the university’s help desk positions. “I think it adds value to the customer service of our organization to know that people are being serviced by people who work for the university and are internal,” Steinour said.

According to Meyer, GWU’s IT operations center handles most of its support requests over the phone, but they have plans to add chat and e-mail-based help, a Web interface for creating trouble tickets, and a self-service system for things like password resets.

Do these support methods sound familiar? If you work in a help desk position already, you may be using these same methods to provide support. How has TestOut’s LabSim course for A+ helped you in your technical support position? The focus of the content in the LabSim course for A+ is PC maintenance, including desktop administration, PC repair, and technical support. As you train with LabSim for A+, you gain practical experience supporting PC hardware and Windows operating system installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

If your campus has kept help desk positions in-house, giving you the chance to gain real experience while still a student, we’d love to hear how LabSim has helped you be a better support representative and be confident helping others with PC repair.

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