Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Prove You Know Networking? TestOut’s Network Pro Certification Exam (Beta)

Instructors and students using TestOut’s LabSim training for Network+, have you heard about the newest TestOut Pro Certification? TestOut Network Pro Certification can now be achieved while the certification exam is in its beta period.

TestOut Network Pro Certification Exam (Beta) is the second in TestOut’s new line of certification exams. The first to be released was TestOut PC Pro Certification, which has been available to instructors and students since earlier this year. Now the Network Pro Certification is being offered with the same approach: authentically assessing what the test-taker can do, not just what he or she knows. The Network Pro Certification Exam (Beta) includes hands-on lab activities that require test-takers to prove their networking skills.

Students and instructors who have completed the LabSim Network+ course have until December 31, 2011, to take the TestOut Network Pro Certification Exam (Beta). As you do, you are a key player in the exam’s development, and TestOut will use your performance on the exam to evaluate the exam’s questions, simulations, and format before the release of the official Network Pro Certification exam in 2012.

Instructors, this is a great opportunity to measure your students’ understanding of networking by administering the exam during the beta period. We also invite you to gauge your own expertise in networking and gain TestOut Network Pro Certification by taking the beta exam yourself.

Learn more about the TestOut Network Pro Certification Exam (Beta), how to schedule the exam for your classes, and how the beta exam will be scored by visiting TestOut’s Network Pro Certification page.

For more specific details about the content in the LabSim Network+ course, please refer to the LabSim Network+ page.

As always, your TestOut representative is happy to answer questions by email, chat, or phone (800-877-4889).

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