Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top IT Skills Areas Proven by TestOut PC Pro Certification

Computerworld’s recent Forecast 2012 survey reflects the attitudes of IT executives at companies across the United States, and nearly one-third of them say they plan to increase their IT employee headcount over the next 12 months. What skills are they looking for? Computerworld’s Rick Saia wrote about the top nine skills areas that companies demand and wrote that “IT managers may be thinking about innovation, not merely keeping the lights on, as they plan their staffs for 2012.”

The top nine skills areas Saia detailed include:
1. Programming and Application Development
2. Project Management
3. Help Desk and Technical Support
4. Networking
5. Business Intelligence
6. Data Center
7. Web 2.0
8. Security
9. Telecommunications

Of these top nine areas, Help Desk/Tech Support, Networking, and Security are all areas where entry-level skills are developed through TestOut’s LabSim A+ courses and proven with TestOut PC Pro Certification. For Help Desk/Tech Support in particular, Saia writes that in many organizations, “help desk and tech support are points of entry for IT professionals and places to pick up the skills that can advance them into” other roles.

PC Pro Certification assesses students’ hands-on ability and proves to potential employers exactly what they are capable of. TestOut’s certification exam is different than the exams offered by CompTIA, Microsoft, and others because TestOut assesses students’ performance—what they can do, not just what they have memorized—through online labs with PC hardware, operating systems, and networks.

IT instructors, you can give your students a boost in the job market by administering the TestOut PC Pro Certification exam.

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