Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Does Your IT Program Benefit from a Corporate Partnership?

Many community college programs are greatly enhanced in scope and depth by corporate partnerships that come in many forms. Some corporations partner with colleges and give input on the curriculum the college should offer to prepare students for the workforce. Sometimes companies give students internships or work experience while they’re in school, and some even hire the graduates of partner colleges for full-time positions.

Community College Times
recently featured several partnerships between corporations and community colleges and highlighted the benefits to both the college and the company. For example, Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) in Kentucky has a unique partnership with UPS, one of the largest employers in the state, and with the University of Louisville. UPS needed to stabilize its part-time workforce, and the college wanted to offer more students an opportunity to afford and attend college. Through the partnership, UPS hires students to work part-time in a night shift, and in return, the company pays half the student’s tuition. Through the partnership, UPS has seen a large reduction in employee turnover, and JCTC has seen increased enrollment and improved student retention.

Corporate partnerships may also provide greater access to technology for students, such as the partnerships that Ford and General Motors have made with Southeast Community College (SCC) in Nebraska. The automotive companies provide cars and software for SCC’s automotive technology program, and they pay tuition for students who agree to work at dealerships after they graduate. Because of the car companies’ investment in the education and training of students, the companies gain employees already prepared to work in their environments. Corporate partnerships such as these can be a win-win for colleges and companies who take the time to develop a partnership that meets both their needs.

Instructors, do your IT students benefit from a corporate partnership that gives them practical job experience, tuition assistance, or some other value? Please leave a comment and explain.

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