Monday, August 15, 2011

New IT Grads, The Hiring Outlook Is Good

If you’re just finishing up your college degree in IT and working to find a great start to your career, you are working against a pretty good outlook. According to Computerworld, job seekers in IT have the upper hand in the IT job market, even if you barely graduated from college.

“A quick scan of numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms this about-face in the IT job market. In May, it pegged the IT unemployment rate at 3.8%, significantly lower than the national average unemployment rate of 9.1%. At the same time, 65% of 900 hiring managers surveyed by said they expect to hire even more tech professionals in the second half of this year than they did during the first six months of 2011,” reported Computerworld’s Julia King.

Further, IT positions are staying open for many months—evidence of the industry’s growth and the high demand for qualified applicants. A report from suggested that “now may be a great time for IT job candidates to ask for more money than they're offered initially,” King writes.

IT grads, as you interview for jobs and negotiate your pay, remember that your training with TestOut’s LabSim has given you more than just book knowledge. The hands-on experience you’ve gained in LabSim labs is practical know-how that will allow you to come on board an employer, ready to contribute. And if you’ve taken the extra step to get certified, you have that much more room to negotiate.

Best of luck in your search! Please let us know what you find and how you apply the experience you gained from LabSim in your job.

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