Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have You Used the LabSim Custom Exam Editor (Beta)?

Instructors, have you taken advantage yet of the new Custom Exam Editor (Beta)? This new browser-based LabSim tool for instructors allows you to create custom assessment exams to measure your students’ IT skills and knowledge in specific areas you want to emphasize.

Unlike the quizzes and exams built in to LabSim courses, exams designed with the Custom Exam Editor (Beta) are not instructive in nature. They are assessment exams, giving instructors the ability to assess what students know and can do, without giving students the opportunity to re-take the exam or receive instant feedback about each answer.

With the Custom Exam Editor (Beta), instructors can:
  • Utilize TestOut’s bank of LabSim exam questions and labs to create skills assessment exams or memory/recall exams
  • Take simulations from LabSim courses and turn them into exam questions
  • Pull simulations and questions from multiple LabSim courses into a single exam
  • Schedule the time when students can take the custom exam inside browser-based LabSim

To learn how to use the Custom Exam Editor (Beta), please view the instructions How to Create a Custom Exam and How to Schedule Students’ Exams.

The Beta version of the Custom Exam Editor is fully functional, though TestOut is welcoming and asking for your feedback to make the tool better. As you use the Custom Exam Editor (Beta), please send TestOut your comments and suggestions for how the tool can be improved to better meet your needs.

If you’ve already used the Custom Exam Editor (Beta), please leave a comment here and let others know what you think!

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