Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New LabSim Security+ Course to Address CompTIA’s Recent Exam Updates

On June 2 CompTIA announced the release of an updated Security+ certification exam. CompTIA has revised the Security+ exam to keep it current and to maintain accreditation according to ISO standards.

With new objectives for and questions on the Security+ exam, TestOut has been busy preparing updates to the LabSim Security+ training. Watch for the new LabSim Security+ course to be released this summer to give you the training you need on all the updated content for Security+ certification.

Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification for information security professionals and covers a broad spectrum of security concerns. A growing number of companies and organizations rank information security as a high level priority, according to a recent CompTIA study Eighth Annual Global Information Security Trends. Security expertise proven through Security+ certification gives IT professionals greater forward momentum in their growing IT careers.

What’s on the revised Security+ exam? According to CompTIA EVP Terry Erdle in a CompTIA press release, “The new exam covers more of the approach that organizations need to take to proactively address security risk control and mitigation. We’ve also included more content in areas such as forensics, cloud computing and virtualization. The focus is on the proactive elements like designing network security to accommodate cloud and the potential threats associated with it.”

CompTIA described the following content areas for the 2011 revision of the Security+ exam:
  • Network security (21 percent of exam)
  • Compliance and operational security (18 percent)
  • Threats and vulnerabilities (21 percent)
  • Application, data and host security (16 percent)
  • Access control and identity management (13 percent)
  • Cryptography (11 percent)

The 2011 Security+ exam is available now at testing centers. The 2008 version of the Security+ exam will still be available until the end of 2011 when it will be retired.

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