Friday, June 24, 2011

Accessible IT Training

Campus Technology reported that Dartmouth College has formed an initiative to make technology more accessible to all students and to ensure that the campus’s IT offerings are usable by students with hearing and visual impairments.

Sarah Horton, director of Web strategy, design, and instruction at Dartmouth, spoke of the priority of digital accessibility at Dartmouth and the new steps the college is taking to make it happen, starting with a close look at the college’s Web site and other online resources to see where improvements are needed, such as:
  • Closed Captioning for online videos
  • Embedded code that makes it possible for students to use screen readers
  • Options for larger fonts

TestOut’s LabSim is accessible to hearing impaired and deaf students by the Closed Captioning available in LabSim videos and the printable transcripts. Steve Shumko, a former student at Tooele Applied Technology College, benefited from TestOut’s Closed Captioning that made it possible for him to learn from the LabSim videos and demonstrations. Shumko is deaf, and the courseware he first used to prepare for A+ certification didn’t adequately prepare him for the exam because he couldn’t hear the lessons. After his college began offering TestOut’s LabSim training, Shumko retrained with Closed Captioned videos and LabSim’s hands-on labs.

Shumko passed A+ on his second try and then continued training with LabSim to become Network+ certified as well. He said, “I passed the CompTIA Network+ certification exam using LabSim almost entirely. That is, LabSim was my sole source for study material--videos and labs and practice exams in all sections.”

Have you or someone you know benefited from the Closed Captioning available in LabSim training?

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