Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New CompTIA Website Helps You Plan IT Certification Path

How many students, and even IT professionals, have asked the question, “Which certification is right for me?” CompTIA, the certifying body that offers A+, Network+, and other fundamental IT certifications, has launched a new website, certification.comptia.org, that answers that question and offers helpful information about all of the credentials CompTIA offers.

CompTIA outlines
all of its certifications first in order of skill level, and then again by area of expertise. Students, entry-level IT professionals, and established IT professionals can view the certifications that match their level of training and their areas of greatest experience and interest in the IT profession.

For example, if you are interested in gaining expertise with hardware—including setting up, testing, and troubleshooting office equipment—A+ or Server+ may be best for you. If IT systems are your thing—integrating computers and secure communications in a business environment—the Network+, Security+, or Linux+ certifications will help you gain expertise. And if you’re more interested in how IT helps traditional business roles, focus on the Project+ or CTT+ certifications.

CompTIA’s new website for planning your certifications also has resources for better understanding career paths in IT. You may remember that Microsoft recently launched a similar website with IT career planning tools as well, giving you plenty of help as you find your way into an IT career. With TestOut’s LabSim courses to train you for many of Microsoft’s and CompTIA’s certifications, you are on the right track.

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