Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enter Your College in the 2011 Digital Community Colleges Survey

Is your college a leader in implementing innovative digital solutions on campus and using technology to better serve students and faculty? If so, be sure to enter your college in the 2011 Digital Community Colleges Survey.

Converge Magazine has announced the call for entries in the seventh annual Digital Community Colleges Survey administered by The Center for Digital Education (CDE), a national research and advisory institute that focuses on technology in K-12 and higher education.

All community colleges in the United States are invited to participate in the survey. Last year, two colleges that utilize TestOut’s LabSim were among the winners in the Survey, including Scottsdale Community College and Walters State Community College.

Colleges that enter the Survey are classified into three groups based on their enrollment size. The CDE reviews each entry and publishes a ranking of the top ten colleges in each classification.

According to the CDE, "Top colleges honored reflect a comprehensive implementation of technology supporting the educational institution’s operations, as well as serving students, faculty and administrators."

Submissions are due online by June 8, 2011. We’ll follow the survey results on the Converge website and be sure to let you know of LabSim campuses that are recognized.

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