Friday, April 22, 2011

Online Education Is Maturing

As online courses become more and more common in higher education, online delivery is not just for nontraditional students anymore. While the flexibility and accessibility of online education may have been its greatest draws in the beginning—making higher education possible for students in nontraditional circumstances—improvements in the quality of online learning are making it a desirable alternative for traditional students too.

As large universities make online education a staple in their course offerings, they’re investing in resources to increase the quality of their online courses. Professors are receiving training directed specifically at teaching online, and programs are being developed that offer only online courses.

According to Brian Burnsed at US News & World Report, experts are saying that for online higher education to become mainstream at universities, it will need to be “subject to regulation, governed by a common set of accreditation standards, and widely accepted by institutions.”

Burnsed quoted Richard Garrett, managing director at research firm Eduventures, as saying, "We're at the beginning of elite schools starting to take online seriously. They're trying to marry the online experience with the brand of the institution."

Because TestOut develops computer-based training courses used in higher education, we’re always interested in the curriculum needs of postsecondary online IT courses, and we strive to offer the highest quality in every LabSim course. Using LabSim online training, college and university students are taught IT concepts in videos and text lessons, they see demonstrations by industry experts, they gain practical experience in hands-on labs, and they are evaluated in quizzes and exams scored by the software. Professors can track each student’s progress through LabSim Reporting.

Professors who utilize LabSim for online courses, what has been your students’ experience? Are your students gaining the high-quality, postsecondary IT education they need?

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