Friday, March 4, 2011

TestOut’s LabSim Keeps Students Rolling

Instructors, have you ever relied on TestOut’s LabSim to keep your students engaged in your IT class through a school cancellation?

USA Today reported that in the snowy months of winter when school was cancelled, many instructors kept their students on track by communicating on Facebook, posting video lectures on YouTube, and sending audio lectures on podcasts. With technology tools, instructors kept students “in school” even when school was cancelled.

TestOut’s LabSim training allows instructors to keep students rolling in the course curriculum in many extenuating circumstances—school cancellations or otherwise. At Richmond Senior High School in Rockingham, North Carolina, teacher Brian Burch has had a student who is homebound and unable to come to class at school at all. With LabSim at home, the student has kept up on his own.

At Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School in Upton, Massachusetts, students meet in the IT shop every other week, alternating weeks with traditional academic classes. With TestOut’s LabSim, students don’t have to stop learning about IT during their weeks away from the IT shop. Any student who wishes can continue hands-on IT training at home at his or her own pace.

At Penn Foster Career School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, all students are distance education students, so there is never a need to cancel class. However, for criminal justice students to gain hands-on experience investigating crime scenes, Penn Foster relies on TestOut’s LabSim. Though the class group never meets in person, LabSim engages students through online labs that students complete at their own pace.

Technology tools are opening up greater possibilities for learning and engagement, even when students are not sitting in the classroom. How has TestOut’s LabSim kept your class rolling while you were not “in class”?

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