Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keep Certifications Current with CompTIA Continuing Education Units

You may remember learning that CompTIA adopted a renewal policy effective in 2011 for the A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications. Under the new policy, certifications received after January 1, 2011, remain valid for 3 years from the date of certifying.

Along with the renewal policy, CompTIA also introduced a program that IT professionals can use for continuing education instead of retaking the certification exam every 3 years. The CompTIA Continuing Education Program is now officially underway and offers certified professionals a broad range of activities for keeping skills up to date. For example, the following types of activities can earn units in the program:
  • Teaching or presenting content relevant to the certification
  • Taking a course or training session relevant to the certification
  • Attending an industry seminar, webinar, podcast, or event relevant to the certification
  • Participating in a CompTIA exam development workshop
  • Publishing an article, paper, book, or blog relevant to the certification
  • Obtaining other industry certifications
  • Participating on an IT-related board
  • Work experience relevant to the certification

For complete details about the activities that earn units in the program, read more on the CompTIA web site.

Because TestOut’s LabSim is a CompTIA Approved Quality Curriculum, completion of a LabSim course relevant to the certification is an eligible activity in the CompTIA Continuing Education Program. As you keep your skills up to date and stay involved in relevant industry events, you’ll find that earning continuing education units comes naturally as an active member of the IT industry.

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