Monday, February 28, 2011

Are Your IT Students “Well-Trained and Ready to Go”?

Network World reports that there is a disconnect in IT education at many colleges and universities. Somehow, students are graduating with high-tech degrees but without the practical skills employers need them to have. In fact, only 8% of hiring managers rate their new IT hires as “well-trained and ready to go.”

A newly released report, “Closing the Skills Gap: 2011 SHARE Survey for Guiding University and College IT Agendas,” shares responses from 376 companies who hire IT graduates. According to the survey, almost “4 out of 10 respondents report that their IT hires are not sufficiently prepared to perform jobs within their companies, and another 44% say, at a minimum, that there are noticeable gaps in their skills.”

A report with numbers like these screams out for hands-on training in IT classes at the university and college level. Post-secondary IT programs need curriculum materials like LabSim to give students both training and practice. Each video, lesson, lab, and exam in LabSim courses can be repeated as many times as a student needs or wants to master the information and skill. By training with LabSim, students are prepared to pass certification exams that improve their marketability or to directly enter an IT career, “well-trained and ready to go.”

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