Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Advocate for Career and Technical Education on February 17

Instructors and students in Career and Technical Education (CTE), February is CTE month! The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has planned special events all month long. You may have been involved already in events such as job shadowing, SkillsUSA activities, or using CTE Month products.

This is a reminder that this Thursday, February 17, is Social Media Advocacy Day in the CTE community. ACTE is asking you—and all administrators, teachers, and students in CTE; business leaders; and other CTE advocates—to use your social media network to advocate for CTE. That means, on your Facebook page, update your status with a personal note or story about CTE. On Twitter, tweet your support of CTE. On LinkedIn, post links to articles about the success of CTE. And on your blog, write about the importance of CTE for student success.

As suggested by ACTE:
“You might share the benefits you've derived from CTE classes and accreditation, the gains you've seen students reap because of CTE courses and CTSO activities, the benefits your business has derived from hiring CTE students, and how Perkins funding has enabled CTE education and improved student outcomes.”

Using whatever medium you choose, please remember to show your support for CTE this Thursday, February 17.

TestOut will be right there with you; we hear stories every day of students achieving certifications and succeeding in IT because of their training with LabSim in CTE classes. We’ll keep supporting CTE with the best possible resources for IT training and education, and this Thursday, we’ll be advocating CTE on Social Media Advocacy Day.

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