Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nominate Your Campus: 2011 Campus Technology Innovators Award

Is your college or university a leader in innovative technologies? Does your institution deserve special recognition for its exceptional technology solutions? As a college or university that incorporates LabSim as a technology curriculum, you are definitely a leader in providing your students technology-driven learning solutions.

Campus Technology is accepting nominations in their 7th Annual Innovators Awards. You can nominate your college or university by completing an entry form online. All entries must be completed by February 15.

Campus Technology’s Innovators Awards recognizes technology leadership in six categories:
  1. Teaching and Learning (including, but not limited to: learning design/instructional design; immersive technologies; social software, Web 2.0; mobile learning; teaching in the smart classroom; collaboration tools; student assessment; student ePortfolios; lecture capture; eLearning)
  2. Student Systems and Services (including, but not limited to: technology for career services; advising/online advising; technology for housing; physical security and emergency planning; eTextbooks/bookstore; instructional resources and library services; recruitment/eRecruitment)
  3. Administrative Systems (including, but not limited to: student lifecycle management; admissions; constituent relationship management; retention; ERP; business intelligence; institutional advancement and development; eProcurement; portals)
  4. Leadership, Governance, and Policy (including, but not limited to: funding/finance; faculty/staff development; CIO leadership and role development; strategic planning; institutional structure/reorganization; program development/innovation leadership; open source/community source leadership; institutional publishing)
  5. IT Infrastructure and Systems (including, but not limited to: learning management systems; collaboration technologies and environments; learning space design/architecture/smart classrooms; classroom management and control systems; data security and authentication; networking; SaaS and cloud computing; telecommunications; digital repositories/digital libraries; high-performance computing; green technologies; disaster recovery and business continuity; help desk)
  6. Education Futurists (including, but not limited to: visionary learning technology development; new program development; institutional reformation; trend spotters: technology and society)

Read more about the Innovators Awards here, including how your entry will be judged and how winners will be recognized.

Will your college or university be the next winner? Best of luck!

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