Friday, January 21, 2011

CompTIA Reports Growing Confidence in the IT Industry

CompTIA surveyed more than 1,100 IT companies and released a report suggesting momentum in the IT industry will continue.

More than 40% of IT firms say they plan to increase expenditures on new products and business lines, and more than 40% also say they plan to expand IT investments. One-third of IT firms say their hiring will increase in 2011.

CompTIA expects the following six technology trends to impact the IT industry the most in 2011:
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing will continue to grow faster than any other technologies in 2011.
  • Data Analysis: With massive amounts of information available for collecting, IT firms need analysts to pull insights from the data.
  • Wireless Computing: Mobile and wireless computing experts are needed to keep businesses running in these areas.
  • Smartphones/Mobile Devices: With widespread adoption of smartphones, people can work, play, and socialize anywhere, anytime.
  • Applications for Communicating Over the Internet: Businesses will build on VoIP and embrace presence, virtual telephony, multi-person video chat, mobile video conference, and related applications.
  • Automation and Changes in How We Work: Organizations will invest in improving work processes to improve accuracy and generate better use of data.

As a student in IT, you will want to use the data presented in CompTIA’s report to plan your training and education to include better experience and understanding with at least one of the technologies named. Then you’ll be prepared to contribute the most relevant skills and ideas as you enter the IT industry.

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