Friday, January 7, 2011

A Big Chance to Show Gratitude for 20 Years

2011 is a big year for TestOut, and the company plans to celebrate it in a big way! TestOut was founded in 1991, making 2011 the 20th anniversary year for the company.

TestOut’s CEO Noel Vallejo and President Doug Edwards have made plans to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary year by showing gratitude “to our families, our customers, and our community,” Vallejo said. As a company, TestOut will celebrate on the 11th of every month of 2011 until November 11, 2011, which is the company’s official 20th anniversary.

As part of the company’s year-long celebration, one of the first ways TestOut will celebrate is by serving its local community by offering grants for LabSim IT certification training. “We know that career training can really make a difference in a person’s life,” Vallejo said. TestOut is working with LDS Employment Services to provide LabSim training for free to 200 people in TestOut’s own community who are out of work and want to train in IT.

TestOut believes in the importance of training and education to prepare individuals for a better future and career. Those who want to succeed in the IT field first need the right training to gain the skills employers are looking for and then achieve an IT certification from Microsoft, Cisco or CompTIA as evidence of skills acquired.

Other 20th Year Anniversary Celebration events will include community service (including Christmas lights donated to the city of Pleasant Grove to decorate downtown starting this past holiday), donations to education and career training organizations, activities for TestOut family members, and more.

Thank you to all TestOut customers for your support of TestOut and its LabSim IT certification training, and Happy 20th Anniversary, TestOut!

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