Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Colleges Using LabSim Training Received Top Ratings in Digital Community Colleges Survey

Community colleges that successfully incorporate technology to support student success set an example for all other college campuses. With enrollment numbers continuing to grow rapidly, community colleges that serve those students with digital curriculum solutions deserve some praise. The sixth annual Digital Community Colleges Survey took place this fall and awarded 19 community colleges for their use of technology solutions on campus.

Two colleges who utilize LabSim training in their IT classes were among the top-rated colleges receiving the award, including Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tennessee.

According to Converge Magazine Online, one of the survey sponsors, top ratings were given to colleges who have improved students’ educational experience and instructors’ effectiveness through the use of technology. The survey examined the technology tools campuses had in place to provide “alternative learning options,” as well as “the use of online registration, distance learning, tutoring, and advisory services.” Technology training for instructors was also considered in the ratings.

Congratulations to all campuses who received recognition for their use of technology to support students and instructors.

What technologies are available on your campus that you find most supportive of student success? Please leave a comment or send an email to experience@testout.com.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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