Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Looking Back Over the Semester of IT Training

As the semester comes to an end and you look back at what you and your students have accomplished, what stands out to you as the greatest success?

Have you found new ways to make your teaching more effective? Helped your students achieve their first IT certification? Have some students used the skills learned from your class and from LabSim to find an internship or part-time job working with computers? Perhaps you had a student who succeeded in an academic class for the first time because of the opportunity you gave him or her to work hands-on with technology.

Many instructors utilizing LabSim training in their courses have told us of their students’ successes in getting certified this semester. Especially because CompTIA’s renewal policy will soon change, many students made sure they certified in A+, Network+, or Security+ before the end of the year so that they would never have to renew. The hours spent training in LabSim along with the guidance of a good instructor gave these students the skills and confidence to take the big step and certify.

For example, at Middleburg High School in Middleburg, Florida, teacher Charles Thompson has been using LabSim to prepare his students to certify, and several of them finished A+ right before Christmas break to take advantage of lifetime certification.

Thompson’s students train with LabSim until they demonstrate they’re ready to certify. Then, he creates a mock test-taking experience in his classroom and makes it as close as possible to the experience students will have at the real testing center when they certify. Thompson also makes additional preparation time available to students on Thursdays after school. When students are ready, he takes them in groups to a testing center at a nearby college campus. The students print LabSim review sheets and quiz each other on the way to the test.

Over the past year, about 75% of Thompson’s high school students have passed the A+ certification exam on their first attempt, and the others have all passed on their second attempt.

For all instructors using LabSim to train your students, we hope this has been a positive semester—and a positive year—for students’ learning, skills-building, and certification success. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Labsim is a great learning tool. As a graduate of Middleburg High school, I am proud.