Friday, November 5, 2010

Why A+ and Network+ Should Matter to You

Still looking for a good reason to get an IT certification this year? Network World’s Elsa Wenzel reported this week that, according to CompTIA, 68 percent of IT hiring managers regard IT certifications as a medium or high priority as they consider job candidates. A candidate certified in A+ or Network+ will earn 10% more on average than a candidate without certification, and a candidate with a higher-level certification may expect a 40% higher salary than a candidate without.

CompTIA certifications like A+ and Network+ are so highly valued because they show you have a broad base of fundamental skills. A+ certification, for example, demonstrates that you are competent installing Windows as well as installing motherboard components; configuring operating systems as well as configuring wireless networks; and troubleshooting power devices and printers. Managers can place greater trust in an IT employee with A+ certification combined with hands-on experience.

, another entry-level certification, shows employers that you have a fundamental understanding of computer networks and a proven base of skills working with networking components. An employee with Network+ certification will be confident implementing network wires, connecting network devices, configuring DNS addresses, securing network switches, configuring routing, and troubleshooting network communications.

In her article, Wenzel gives specific advice to hiring managers as well: “Don't take someone's experience, training, and certification at face value,” she wrote. “Ask what they had to do to get a certification. Hands-on lab work in addition to an exam is a good sign.”

If you need a competitive advantage in your job search, and if you would appreciate a higher salary, make it a priority to start training with a LabSim course as soon as possible, gain hands-on experience for your field, and complete your certification as soon as possible.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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