Thursday, November 11, 2010

19 Years! Happy Birthday, TestOut.

Today TestOut celebrates 19 years as a company. Not many IT certification training providers have been doing what they’re doing as long as TestOut, and it shows in the quality of TestOut’s LabSim training courses and the support TestOut provides to LabSim users.

Today, TestOut CEO Noel Vallejo shared his gratitude for the opportunity TestOut has had to develop LabSim courses and provide training to so many people. Vallejo also expressed gratitude that the company has been able to provide a living for so many people for 19 years.

“I am grateful to be associated with such smart, talented people,” Vallejo said. “In our 19-year history, there have been some difficult times. But although there have been some painful growing experiences, we’ve had far more positive experiences together and that is why we are so strong today.

“There is no greater reward than to associate with all of you. I am thankful for the success we enjoy and look forward to greater success in the future.”

TestOut celebrated its 19th birthday with a company lunch and birthday cake. Enjoy some photos of TestOut’s 19th birthday party!

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