Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IT Instructor Displays LabSim Graphic in a Creative Way

Dennis DeBroeck, instructor in the IT program at Walla Walla High School in Walla Walla, Washington, sent us an email with some awesome photos: he printed the new LabSim “Experience Accelerated” poster on a floor tile and laid it in his classroom! He also displayed the graphic as the desktop wallpaper on computers in his classroom. Check out Dennis’s description and photos below!

“I print floor graphics as a way to communicate important details to students. I put wiring diagrams, safety information and warnings, and charts on the floor. Students always seem to see them if I do. I put the LabSim poster down so students would know about the recent changes to the online version. Students also love industry connections.

TestOut sent me the graphics, and I printed them on a Roland printer that is designed to print on several types of material, including floor vinyl. I change them about once a month to content that I am teaching at the time. I am currently working on printing all the ports found on the back of a computer and putting them around the room.”
The new LabSim "Experience Accelerated" poster features an exploding progress bar.
Instructor Dennis DeBroeck uses floor graphics to capture his students' attention.

Walla Walla High School students learn from the latest technologies in their classroom.

Remind students of hands-on benefits of using LabSim with "Experience Accelerated" wallpaper.

About Dennis and his classroom:
“I teach Media Technology & Animation as well as Computer Technology.  I have done so for about 17 years.  I maintain and manage my own classroom technology.  My classroom has two servers, 28 workstations and technical lab area.  We have a large format printer and a media studio with high def cameras and editing.  We currently run Windows 7 64 bit OS and Mac.  We use CS5 master collection and Newtek Lightwave for 3D modeling and animation work.

Our stations use Intel i7 processors and led backlit Vizio monitors.  I manage the lab with Scriptlogic's desktop authority.”

Thank you, Dennis, for sharing your photos with us!

Your Own New LabSim Poster, "Experience Accelerated"
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