Friday, July 30, 2010

Prepared to Protect and Recover Data

I just moved from Utah to Virginia, and in the 3 weeks we’ve been here, we’ve seen a steady line of thunderstorms move through. Yesterday evening’s storm was the worst yet—crashing thunder, trees down, and a large section of town left without power.

This morning I saw Bridget McCrea’s article “Disaster Recovery: Protecting Campus Data Against the Inevitable” in Campus Technology, and considering our recent storm, I was intrigued.

McCrea wrote about the stellar work of IT systems administrator Bob Full at Coastal Carolina University. Located near the South Carolina coast, CCU sees hurricanes every 3 years on average, and many other severe storms in between. To protect the data and entire IT infrastructure of the university from being lost when disaster hits, Full has implemented “an on-site data protection unit (DPU), which allows the university to protect local data (files, folders, and all user data) on its own servers, desktops, and laptops,” as well as a backup system with data mirroring to quickly restore data if it’s ever lost.

I quickly thought of LabSim’s Server+ course that gives in-depth training on fault tolerance concepts such as scalability and disaster recovery, as well as system restore (ASR and creating an ASR diskette), and backup and restore—including training for backing up in Windows, in NetWare, and in Linux. LabSim Server+ training also teaches RAID Array recovery, server shutdown, and remote management.

Knowing how to secure your data and your company's data against unexpected disaster or accidents is as critical as having the data in the first place. Check out LabSim Server+ for more information on what’s included in Server+ training.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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