Monday, July 19, 2010

Certifications Keep IT Training Consistent

Have you ever thought about how chaotic it could become if every IT training program focused on different skills, different technologies, and different practices? When you entered the workforce, you might find a struggle of opinions on best practices and fundamental knowledge. That’s yet another great thing about IT certifications; they maintain a consistent focus on the skills truly needed by IT professionals and the best practices for carrying out IT roles.

Ryan Corey, director of admissions for the Academy of Computer Education, wrote:
The IT world has always gravitated toward increased homogeneity of training. Standard certification processes, created by agencies that focus purely on setting baselines of IT quality, ensure that best practices are universally followed. With the increased importance of IT in the modern era, it’s important for business and government to conform to certifiable standards to ensure that the flow of information remains intact.

Take A+ certification, for example. A+ is one of the most widely-required, widely-trained-for, and widely-sought-after certifications in IT. A+ certification evaluates fundamental computer maintenance skills, including working with power supplies, motherboards, processors, memory, video cards, networking, security, and many other topics. All who train for and certify in A+ learn about hundreds of current, key technologies absolutely necessary for a computer technician to understand. With training that follows A+ certification exam objectives, computer technicians are universally prepared to work in any technician role.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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