Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Certify for Windows 7?

The LabSim Windows 7 training course is coming soon, with expected release this month!

Why should instructors train their students to be proficient on Windows 7? And why should students, as well as IT professionals, plan to certify for Windows 7? Brian Reinholz, Windows IT Pro writer, detailed the benefits of training and certifying for Windows 7 (Microsoft exam 70-680).

“With the rapid rate that organizations are migrating over to Windows 7, becoming familiar with the new OS is absolutely critical to just about any IT pro that works on Windows systems,” Reinholz wrote.

It’s clear that Windows Vista never gained the popularity that its precursor Windows XP enjoyed. Now, many companies and organizations are long overdue for an upgrade. Chris Pirie, general manager of sales and marketing for Microsoft Learning, said, “Microsoft is anticipating a phenomenal wave of desktop refreshes. Understand how policy works, how security works (BitLocker). Also, Windows Server 2008—we expect a wave of deployment upgrades, so make sure you’re on top of the basic hygiene things.”

Windows 7 is a much different operating system than Windows XP and even than Windows Vista. Your training for Windows 7 will teach you how to:

  • Install, Upgrade, and Migrate to Windows 7
  • Deploy Windows 7 by capturing a system image, preparing it, deploying it, and configuring a VHD
  • Configure Hardware and Applications (IPv4 and IPv6 network settings, firewall, and remote management)
  • Configure Access to Resources (setting permissions for files and folders, configuring user account control and Secure Desktop)
  • Configure Mobile Computing (BitLocker, DirectAccess, VPN connections and authentication)
  • Monitor and Maintain Systems that Run Windows 7 (updates, disk volumes, file system fragmentation, RAID, event logs, performance settings)
  • Configure Backup and Recovery Options (system backup, system restore settings, restoring damaged/deleted files)

When the LabSim Windows 7 training course becomes available this month, take advantage of the time to become an expert on a critical technology in the IT field. With LabSim training, you’ll be ready to work expertly with Windows 7 and pass one of the most relevant IT exams today: “TS: Windows 7, Configuring,” number 70-680.

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  1. its good to hear from testout that they are coming with windows 7 but yet they haven't touched two major vendors vmware vsphere 4.0 and redhat linux.... hope test out will be leader in simulation based training....