Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Demand Is Up for Full-time IT Professionals

Computerworld’s Patrick Thibodeau recently reported on the status of hiring in the IT industry, and there’s a lot of good news for IT workers. While there is no single source or set of numbers to indicate the overall state of IT hiring, when many analysts from different sources are saying the same thing, it’s safe to bet on the trends.

Below are several statistics from different analyst organizations recognized for their expertise in the IT industry:

More openings in IT, and more of them full-time. Dice.com, an IT jobs board, had 68,000 IT jobs posted on Monday, May 10, in contrast to nearly a year ago when there were only 47,000 jobs listed. Dice also saw a sizable increase in the percentage of opportunities for full-time rather than contract IT jobs, indicating that employers have more confidence in their long-term needs for IT staff.

Increases in IT jobs nearly every month. TechServe Alliance, an industry group that analyzes unemployment data from the US Labor Department, reported that employers added 14,000 IT jobs in January–February of this year, and 17,300 IT jobs in April alone. Between August 2009 and April 2010, employers added 43,000 IT jobs to their payrolls.

“Positive Momentum” despite occasional setbacks. Foote Partners, an IT labor market analyst firm, indicated that employers are feeling more confidence in hiring again. David Foote, CEO, said, “It’s clear that the bleeding stopped in October and many employers are once again acquiring needed skills and making selective IT hires. . . . The freeze in IT spending for specialized skills has thawed at many of the companies we talk to, and I think we’ll be seeing that transform into less reliance on contractors and consultants by this time next year as companies feel more confident about budgets.”

If you’re looking for work in IT, keep your chin up. The market may still be volatile, but many employers are searching for talented IT staff to support their inevitable needs in IT.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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