Friday, May 7, 2010

Data Show Certified IT Staff Is Worth the Investment

There is frequently a debate over whether IT certifications provide value to the individuals who get certified and to the companies who employ those individuals. The important distinction here is that we’re talking about the value of certifications to individuals who receive them—not an intrinsic value of certifications themselves. The value of getting certified is quantifiable in terms of salary, bonuses, hiring rates, and promotions. So, whether or not you feel like certifications prove knowledge or expertise in a technology or a technical role, the data show that getting certified matters.

Evan Lesser, director of Dice Learning, said, “When you combine in-demand skill sets and proven salary impact, specific certifications become valuable to individual technology professionals.”

So, which specific certifications deliver higher pay? NetworkWorld’s Denise Dubie lists 10 certifications, based on data gathered by Dice Learning:

Holding these certifications usually means higher pay or greater overall compensation, or for job applicants, they can mean getting hired. According to Dubie, posts 1,000 jobs that list MCSE as a requirement.

Demonstrating your technical expertise in your area of IT should be a high priority as you consider your goals for career advancement.

Emily Howard

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