Friday, March 12, 2010

Herzing University Madison Campus Offers Free LabSim A+ Access All Day

All over the country, thousands of students are going back to school for new career training. The flexibility offered by career colleges such as Herzing University in Wisconsin has been especially appealing. Many are preparing for degrees and certifications -- and those entering the IT industry can benefit from both. But how do students taking IT courses at these schools really know if they’re ready to pass certification exams and get a job?

Herzing University is helping students find out today at its CompTIA A+ Certification Test Preparation Day. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., it’s giving students in its PC Architecture and Troubleshooting Skills courses free access to TestOut's LabSim A+ course to let them test how close they are to actually passing the A+ exam. They’ll be able to use the LabSim online lab simulations to get additional hands-on experience, watch instructor-led videos and take practice exams.

Those that feel confident they’re ready for the A+ exam have already paid for it through Herzing University lab fees. Others who may need more preparation can use LabSim’s virtual scenarios, videos and exams to study and reinforce knowledge and skills.

"The student’s lab fee includes a voucher to take the certification exam, but many wait too long and aren't successful," said Thomas Traband, instructor for Herzing’s PC Architecture and Troubleshooting Skills in Madison. "We want our students to take the certification exams when classroom learning is still fresh in their heads. By using LabSim today, they learn how ready they are to take the exam and then brush up in areas where their skills are weak.”

TestOut is also helping other academic institutions around the country conduct similar "Certification Test Preparation Days." For more information on how your school may participate, contact

Peggy Hayes, TestOut

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