Thursday, December 17, 2009

CompTIA's Initiative "Getting America Back to Work"

College isn’t a bad place to be when the economy is suffering and unemployment rates are high. But as you near the end of your education, you may be glad to learn of programs in place to help graduates and other IT professionals who are looking for work.

CompTIA—a provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications—just introduced their program Getting America Back to Work, designed to help job seekers in the IT field acquire job skills through training and certification. Skills assessment and job placement tools (a database of current job openings around the country) are also part of the Getting America Back to Work program.

CompTIA’s program will include their own certifications, many of which are widely accepted in the IT industry. You’ve probably heard of some CompTIA’s certifications, particularly the A+ certification that many companies require of their entry-level IT staff. Network+ and Security+ certifications are also included as options in the Getting America Back to Work program.

Of course, you can still pursue relevant job skills, training, and certifications on your own if you don’t want to participate in CompTIA’s program. But the idea is clear: additional training will always help your job search, and certifications show potential employers that you’re willing to go the extra mile in acquiring job skills and keeping them current. And that may be just what you need to get a step ahead of other applicants in a competitive job market.

Emily Howard, TestOut

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