Friday, November 6, 2009

CompTIA Survey of IT Professionals Shows Certification Strategies

CompTIA—the trade association that offers industry-accepted certifications such as A+, Security+, and others—released data from their recent survey of 1500 IT professionals. The survey asked respondents about their certification strategies, and the data they presented should give insight to students planning to pursue technology certifications in the near future. Here are several key points from the survey’s results that may be of particular interest to students and instructors:
  • Security is a topic at the top of IT professionals’ minds as they consider certifications. 37% of survey respondents plan to pursue a security certification in the next five years. With security threats occurring more and more often in every industry, better training in information assurance and security is a must.
  • The top two reasons people pursue certifications are 1) to enhance their resume and 2) for personal growth. These reasons, given by 88% of the IT professionals surveyed, probably sound familiar to you and may be the same reasons you as a student pursue certifications.
  • The average length of time respondents spent preparing for their certification exams was 44.5 hours, and 1/3 of respondents said they spent up to 60 hours preparing. If trained IT professionals are spending this much time in test preparation, these exams obviously aren’t the type to cram for! You may be able to complete your test preparation as part of IT coursework at your school.
  • When asked who pays for the certification exam, 50% of respondents said they pay for their own, and 38% get their employer to pay for it. CompTIA senior vice president Terry Erdle said, “This confirms that many professionals are truly committed to the IT field and take pride in developing their skills and showcasing their expertise.”
How do the responses given in the CompTIA survey compare to your own strategies for pursuing certifications? Leave a comment or email us

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