Monday, September 7, 2009

The LabSim Experience: A Blog about Learning through Experience

Welcome to The LabSim Experience, the new blog of TestOut Corporation. We’ve started this blog to begin a conversation about your training experiences.

How do you learn best? Did you use LabSim within a school classroom, online, or on the job, and did you work on your own or as part of a group? How have you used training materials as you’ve prepared for your certification exams, and what have been your experiences taking the exams—did you prepare sufficiently, or do you wish you had done something different?

With a focus on education and online learning, this blog should be a resource of relevant, current ideas and articles where you can share what you’ve learned by experience, and others learn from the experiences you share. Whether you’ve already completed 12 certifications, 1 certification, or you’re just thinking about certifications for your future career, The LabSim Experience should offer valuable insights about learning through experience.

Writers, instructional designers, and developers at TestOut Corporation will contribute original entries to The LabSim Experience blog, and we’ll also post entries from instructors who teach courses that include LabSim training products. We’ll write some about the hands-on LabSim IT certification training products, but more about the training and education experience as a whole—both the technical and the theoretical. Watch for new entries, and move the conversation forward by leaving your comments, feedback, and ideas.

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