Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confidence Comes Through Experience and Makes the Difference in Your Job Search

In a tough economy, students nearing the end of their education begin worrying whether they’ll find a job after graduation. Among the concerns is whether they’ll be able to compete with applicants who already have on-the-job experience. How can graduating IT students have confidence in their skills and their ability to find the job they’ve been training for? A great place to start: IT certifications.

Certifications are designed to demonstrate the specialized skills and knowledge in a field such as information technology. Each certification course has specific objectives and concepts that have to be mastered to pass certification exams. The important thing to remember is that it is the practice and training each certification provides that is important to employers. Through these courses, you are gaining skills that set you apart from your competition. Learning to solve problems and provide answers will make you an asset to your employer.

Early this year, Larry Dignan—editor-in-chief of ZDNet, wrote: “Some 75 percent of IT professionals responding to [a] Kotler study said their CompTIA certifications make them more attractive to employers, while 84 percent believe they now have the skills necessary to fulfill a job’s requirements. Further, some 93 percent agreed or strongly agreed that customers felt they are in good hands when working with them, due in part to their certifications.

“With numerous other factors seemingly out of your control, IT certifications present at least one element you can command,” Dignan continued. “In an age of unprecedented business and economic turmoil, the resulting confidence boost can only help.”

Certifications make it easier to stay on top of a rapidly progressive industry like IT. Updating your skills and getting the experience that is available to you will give you much-needed confidence. Preparing with a certification training product like LabSim, with hands-on simulations that work together with the video instruction, written lessons, and practice exams, gives you realistic experience to go along with your certification.

The IT industry is unique because it promotes constant learning; the more you know and the more experience you gain, the more employment opportunities you will find. Now go build some confidence!

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